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Palz is a novel data collection application designed to track the progression of disease pathogenesis along with day-to-day health of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). Specifically, Palz enables both primary caregivers and patients to upload health indicators (i.e. sleep times, meals eaten, behavioral changes, and written comments) of individuals with AD, while also including a daily survey for patients which can be customized by their respective physicians. The app will also be linked to current smart watches with the capacity to monitor the total time of sleep, heart-rate and blood-pressure via bluetooth. Finally, the Palz app will convert data from all relevant health indicators monitored into an easy-to-follow format for physicians to analyze. This holistic tracking and analytic approach will thereby allow physicians to create highly personalized treatment plans based on detailed patient data. 

Alzheimer's Scoping Review

What is the Scoping Review for?

The focus of our scoping review includes but is not limited to:
Mapping out the bodies of literature (incl. gray literature, applications listings, etc) regarding mobile/web health and Alzheimer’s disease Comparing and contrasting the mobile/web applications used to combat Alzheimer’s disease progression and aid treatment Identifying the gaps/limitations in literature (applications) in the mobile/web applications for alzheimer’s disease.

Future Goals

The Technology Development Team aims to get the Palz application to the Google play store, Apple app store, and eventually providing support for use on tablets. Meanwhile, the Health and Market Research Analyst team expects to publish their paper in a scientific journal to gain credibility for their review. 

Potential future projects include plans to pursue the development of a web scraper that will enable one to regularly update their scientific review, as new literature is published within that field. Other projects could include data analysis  of public datasets, as well as other reviews or bioinformatic papers regarding technological implementations in health.

In the near future, the Technology Development Team will expand by recruiting a Data Analysis team. This team will specialize on analysing data received from past projects such as Palz, or working in collaboration with the Health  and Market Research Analyst team to analyse datasets for their publications. The Data Analysis team may also aid the Informations and Program Development team in future projects that incorporate more statistically orientated aspects   such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Additionally the Technology Development Team also plans to contribute to initiatives led by COUHR that foster the love for scientific learning in youth. This may include running workshops that introduce youth to computer science, data analysis and bioinformatics in general, or online tutorials that may reach a wider audience.

Technology Development Committee

Shaemus Melvin

Committee Chairman

Dylan Wheeler


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Molly Lu

UI/UX Designer

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