Human Resources

What we do

The Human Resources committee oversees the introductory and resolutionary steps of all COUHR volunteer and student program involvement. In essence, this committee is responsible for developing, updating and managing all COUHR contracts, organizational handbooks, applications and rubrics associated with COUHR volunteers and students involved in our various programs. Our primary focus is maintaining a healthy work environment and recruiting for new or vacant volunteer roles. This committee works in conjunction with each city branch to establish consistency across the human resources processes for the entirety of COUHR.

Current Objectives

Developing COUHR volunteer and student related organizational and program specific handbooks

Recruiting new COUHR volunteers for a multitude of positions

Catalyze the restructuring of COUHR’s programs and internal organization

Human Resources Committee

Alex Buchner

HR Committee Chief Recruitment Officer

Fatima Zafar

HR Committee Recruiting Director

Areeb Asif

HR Committee Legal and Ethics Director

Bhavi Desai

HR Committee Program Director