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COUHR Calgary Executive Applications

COUHR Calgary is happy to announce that executive applications for 2021 - 2022 are now available!

Social Justice in Research

As a club that provides underrepresented students with opportunities in research, we recognize the power of knowledge in dictating the academic playing field. COUHR Calgary launched our “Social Justice in Research” project to shed light on up and coming topics and disciplines that are trying to bridge the gap between social justice and research. With three in-depth issues about a new topic every 2 weeks, in addition to interactive stories, we hope our audience can learn and engage with concepts related to social justice in academia they otherwise might not be familiar with.


RBC Scholarship Workshop

Led by On-Campus RBC at the University of Calgary

RBC Financial Literacy Workshop

Led by On-Campus RBC at the University of Calgary

Curriculum Vitae Workshop

Led by Student Success Center at the University of Calgary

Learning How to Learn: Strategies you don't learn in lectures

Time & Date: June 27, 2019 at 13:00-13:50
Location: Student Success Centre

Constructing a Systematic Review

Virtual Seminar for COUHR Cohort Students

Awards, Scholarships & Funding Opportunities

Time & Date: July 18, 2019 at 13:00-13:50
Location: Student Success Centre

COUHR Calgary Inaugural Research Symposium Highlights

Every year COUHR Calgary hosts a symposium that gives the opportunity for students who participated in the Summer Research Program the chance to present what they've learned from their experience.

Calgary Executive Team

Aiza Chaudhary


Manvi Pant

VP External Affairs

Harpreet Gosal

Co-Director of Marketing

Qummar Mahmood

VP Marketing

Soha Iqbal

Director of Events

Nour Al Najar

VP Events

Theresa Chris-Amadin

VP External

Fatima Zafar


Valentina Almanza

VP External Affairs

Marcus Herrera

Co-Director of Marketing

Mahum Rashid

Director of Student Affairs

Mahira Mirza

VP Events

Janelle Olughor

Junior Executive

Danielle Dulmadge

Junior Executive

Seniru Ruwanpura

Director of External Affairs

Arthur Sumague

Director of Internal Affairs

Hazra Chowdhry

VP Marketing

Zoha Asif

VP Student Affairs

Diya Hossain

VP Events

Ryan Chaffee

Director of Operations and Finance

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