Community Engagement

What is Community Engagement?

Community Engagement entails the outreach of COUHR to expand its impact from underrepresented undergraduate students to the communities they come from as well. COUHR reaches out to engage with different communities and populations around Canada, developing presentations and initiatives to help educate youth on certain topics that may not be discussed or taught extensively due to lack of educational resources.

Currently, the team is working on multiple informative video series which are published on our youtube channel and viewable below.

In spirit with COUHR’s involvement in scientific education, the Community Engagement team aims to spread the love for science to youth around Canada. The team has done presentations at different high schools answering students' questions about research involvement, and showing them different aspects of being a masters or PhD student. 

COUHR Health Series Episode #2: Vaping

COUHR Community Engagement brings you another segment in its health series. This video aims to give youth an overview of vaping and its harmful effects.

Update on COVID-19

In response to the recent news of vaccine rollout, this video highlights what the vaccines are made of, how they provide immunity, and how they will be distributed. In addition, the video acknowledges corona fatigue and how to deal with it.

Exploring an Undergraduate Degree in Biology with Dr. Addy

In this interview (transcript available at…), Dr. Addy discusses how to get the best potential out of your BSc degree.

Infographic Design Incubator: Do you have what it takes to survive the INFODEMIC?

Learn all about what design components are important in a standout infographic and why visual communication is so important during these unprecedented times.

Myths Busted: Getting a Research Position During COVID-19

Watch our panel of speakers including Dr. Savita Dhanvantari and student panelists discuss the myths of navigating research opportunities in the pandemic.

COUHR Health Series Episode 1: Marijuana

Marijuana was illegal for recreational use in Canada until its legalization on October 17, 2018. In this video,  the basics of marijuana, its distribution, statistics, misconceptions, effects, and risks are explored.

COUHR Research Workshop Series Episode 1: Analyzing a Scientific Paper

This episode of the COUHR Research Workshop Series takes you through the structure of a research article with a guided example.

COUHR Education: Calgary’s response to the Coronavirus

This video highlights what the coronavirus is, how our bodies react and fight it, the symptoms and preventative measures involved, what the scientific community is doing in regards to a virus, and Alberta’s plan to combat this virus.

Community Engagement Committee

Karmon Bath

Committee chairman

Tasneem Islam

Director of global initiatives

Paijani Sheth

Director of education

Layla Al-Yasiri


Lawrence Man

Director of Community engagement

Ali Javed


Charlie Carr