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COUHR London Summer Research Program

COUHR London is proud to announce our summer research program! For the program, underrepresented students will have the opportunity to work on an independent research project and have the opportunity to publish their own work. Applications are out now until March 1st! If you're a student at Western University and in a Faculty of Science program, apply! We look forward to potentially meeting and working with you!

Applications are now closed, thank you for your interest!

Staying Current with COVID-19

COUHR London is proud to present Staying Current with COVID-19!
Using peer reviewed journals, this literature review series will aim to create open communication between the scientific community and the general public regarding essential information surrounding COVID-19 in an accessible, infographics format.
The first 5 issues are out now and are available on our Facebook and Instagram!

London Executive Team

Emily Chambers

Co-President and Coordinator of Student Affairs

Shivani Patel

Director of Marketing

Ashlee Jiang

Director of Logistics

Winnie Liu

Co-Editor-in-Chief of InScight

Oliver Zhou

Co-President and Coordinator of Research Affairs

Nina Lazaro

Director of Marketing

Lexie Wu

VP Finance

Jeng-liang (David) Wu

Co-Editor-in-Chief of InScight

William Honcharuk

VP Marketing

Apple Geng

VP Events

Bernie Xiong Jin

VP Graphic Design

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