Empowering Today's Potential

2022 COUHR Summer Research Program

We are excited to announce that the 2022 Traditional COUHR Summer Research Program will once again be held from May to August this year!

-Part-time commitment; ~20 hours/week
-Students paired in groups with a PI for 4 months from May to August
-Independently develop protocol, conduct study, delegate tasks and correspond regularly with COUHR team and PI
-COUHR scientific directors collaborate with profs experienced in key research skills needed for project to develop and deliver monthly 1-hour workshops
-Present findings in poster presentation at COUHR's Summer Research Symposium and get judged by profs and grad students; best presentation will get prize

Applications are now closed, thank you for your interest!

TidBit vs. Traditional Program

Participate in monthly poster sessions with the opportunity to design and present your own infographic as a TidBit student, or be paired with a PI for the duration of the Summer program as a Traditional student

Journal Clubs

Participate in highly engaging investigations of scientific literature, and provoke critical thinking and analysis on various topics.


Opportunity to participate in monthly meetings as well as regional/national symposiums. Various awards and certificates will be handed out, such as Best Infographic and Best Project


Attend COUHR hosted workshops and receive expert advice on pertinent topics of your choice

What is COUHR?

The Canadian Organization for Undergraduate Health Research (COUHR) is an initiative aimed at providing underrepresented university students with the opportunity to participate in health and medical research. Pairing individuals with research professionals, COUHR strives to provide valuable research experience that will foster a passion for academic research. With a mission of "Empowering Today's Potential, Discovering Tomorrow's Solutions", COUHR hopes to foster a generation of healthcare researchers.

Providing opportunities to motivated youth to delve into the scientific community will overcome a multitude of barriers, bringing a greater diversity of thought, innovation and experience that may not have seemed accessible or attainable before.

Technology Development

Through program development, data management, and problem identification COUHR aims to address  modern health-care issues through technology development

Community Engagement


COUHR seeks to educate local communities through specialized growth programs that will foster knowledge development and a sense of involvement

Summer Research Program

COUHR provides underrepresented  undergraduate students with the opportunity to pursue health research, with the goal of nurturing a generation of health-care researchers



COUHR provides a collaborative and supportive environment that encourages undergraduate students to pursue opportunities and paths, without the impediment of barriers that may exist within current society. 


At COUHR, pairing keen students with accomplished and motivational research professionals provides them with an impactful and supportive network, through which we aspire to foster intrapersonal skills and self confidence essential for success. 


COUHR provides a platform for students to delve into new experiences and pursue scientific discoveries and cutting edge research topics from which their exposure would be otherwise limited. 

Our Vision

COUHR aims to become a leader in the health industry through the analysis and research of emerging technologies, educating local communities about modern health issues, and the encouragement of undergraduate students to pursue opportunities related to health research.

Research Opportunities