Journey Through Academia with Dr. Frances Aboud

Dr. Frances Aboud is a professor in the Department of Psychology within the Faculty of Science at McGill University. Initially, she studied how young children developed, acquired and developed prejudice and how school programs could help promote more tolerance. Following sabbatical leave, Aboud got involved in studying in low and middle income countries, studying our child’s health, growth, and mental development.

Journey Through Academia with Dr. Milica Miočević 

Doctor Miocevic is a quantitative psychologist. She has worked at McGill for two years now, and her lab studies optimal statistical methods for the psychological sciences, more specifically methods for data synthesis and mediation analysis. Miocevic studies this because it’s fairly useful, but also, it’s a really neat area of quantitative psychology where optimal practice is still unknown.

Journey Through Academia with Dr. Signy Sheldon

Dr. Signy Sheldon is an associate professor in the department of psychology at McGill University. Sheldon studies human memory with a focus on understanding how and why we recover detailed memories from our lives as well as the situations that can affect the way we remember, such as stressful and emotional situations. The reason she studies memory is because “memory is fundamental to almost every aspect of human life – memory defines who we are, determines what we talk about and helps direct our futures.