Toronto Testimonials

The CV and interview workshop offered by COUHR served as a great starting point to develop my professional skills. It allowed me to learn the ins and outs of writing a successful CV and was a great chance to learn about the tips on having a great interview from professionals. More importantly, this workshop was held in a way that provided a warm and inclusive environment for everyone. I strongly believe that this workshop has allowed me to develop self confidence and an optimistic view to my professional development journey.

Parmin, BSc Kinesiology and Health Science

Great workshop! A lot more thorough than I expected. For example, the Interview Skills workshop touched on key things to prepare and consider before, during and after an interview. It also touched on the importance of maintaining a positive and professional online presence (for applicants active on social media), which I never considered. I really can’t place enough weight on how much I enjoyed the interview skills workshop. I feel confident that it provided me all the information I need to consider for any interview. The CV workshop was equally beneficial. COUHR executives outlined key headings to include and indicated how to elaborate on specific experiences. They also sought advice and contributions from researchers who receive numerous applications, which showed that workshop facilitators carefully organized and prepared the CV slides. Finally, the workshop left ample time for discussion and questions, which I really benefited from.”