Elderly Engagement

Elderly Engagement Program

The EEP, a division under COUHR, seeks to combat senior isolation which is currently exacerbated by the inaccessibility of meaningful and consistent engagement. With a focus on education, our goal is to generate a diversity of “growth programs” – skill lessons over a duration of time – in casual class settings. Striving towards frequency and wide outreach, we will be working to create community engagement that senior homes and the elderly community can easily enroll in.

Committee Structure

Manager of Internal Committee Affairs

Ensuring the proper execution of meetings including but not limited to recording meeting minutes, scheduling meeting location (e.g. in person, chatrooms), or directing meetings in the absence of the chair. Active participant to committee discussions, and ensure sufficient communication within the committee.

Director of General Program Development ​

Designs, plans and overlooks the development of senior programs, as well as coordinate volunteers to events. The director must ensure that the program operates smoothly in each city by providing the necessary resources and guidance.

Fundraising Coordinators

The Fundraising/Charity and External Outreach Coordinator is extremely important to the long-term longevity of the Organization. The coordinator's sole role is to establish and long-term partnerships with Canadian charities and companies.

Charity and External Outreach Coordinators